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UDIA membership annual subscription rates

The following rates are current as at July 1, 2013.
They apply to the 2013/2014 financial year, and are subject to change at the discretion of the UDIA (NT) Council
The rates quoted below are GST inclusive. A tax invoice will be supplied detailing GST component on receipt of application.

Joining Fee     $100

An initial fee for application by all new members that will be charged in addition to the applicable membership fee

Developer Member

Major developer $2897 pa

More than $10 million development products at market value per annum

Small developer $1420 pa

Less than $10 million Development Products at market value per annum

Corporate Member

Bank / financier $1420 pa

Corporations involved in the provision of banking and finance services to the development industry

General member  $1420 pa

            Darwin-based companies who act for developers

Regional general $723 pa

Companies who act for developers whose place of business is located outside Darwin

Affiliate  $1420 pa

A local office of a company whose principal office holds Developer or General Membership

Associate  $546 pa

Local or Territory Government or other statutory bodies with an interest in the activities of the Institute

Establishing Company  $723 pa

A Territory-based office of a company which holds UDIA membership elsewhere in Australia and which employs up to three staff in the NT.

Individual Member

Individual consultancy  $229pa

Consultant working in the development industry as a one-person business.


May join UDIA (NT) if they are an employee or Director of a company that is an existing corporate member of the Institute.

Fellow $380 pa

Member  $380 pa

Affiliate   $219 pa

Student  $58 pa