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Code of Ethics

The UDIA is a highly respected and well regarded organisation. Accordingly, it is
expected that members of the UDIA will abide by the UDIA (NT) Code of Ethics.
A UDIA (NT) member shall:

  • Demonstrate ethical principles and observe the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all professional and personal dealings. 
  • Uphold and promote the reputation of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (Northern Territory) and not misuse authority of office for personal gain. 
  • Respect the confidentiality of information given to the member in the course of the Institute’s work. 
  • Engage in continuing professional development to maintain and improve industry-based skills and competencies, and shall promote innovation and excellence in practice. 
  • Strive to achieve environmentally-sustainable development. 
  • Show respect for the rights of consumers and maintain the public’s confidence and trust in the development industry.

Any member deemed to have contravened the Code of Ethics may have their membership revoked.