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How to join the UDIA

There are several straight-forward steps for applicants to follow:

  • Complete as much of the form at the "register" link:
    • Select the member category most appropriate to your operations and needs.
    • Seek a nominator and a seconder to your application.
    • UDIA (NT) staff and Committee members can provide help with the above steps if required
  • Email your application to the UDIA.

After initial review, the UDIA will contact you and organise to send you appropriate hard-copy forms for final application details (including signatures).

Following formal approval of the application by the UDIA (NT) Committee you will be sent an invoice for your joining fee ($100) and annual subscription.  The subscription is calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remaining portion of the financial year.

Once your membership is processed, you will receive written notification and current publications/advice.

Your nominated company representative/s will receive a complimentary individual membership, and entitlement to use the professional qualification of MDIA.