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Federal Parties Respond to UDIA Election Policy Platform

In the months leading up to the Federal Election, UDIA has campaigned strongly on the issues of housing supply and affordability, bringing attention to the four key areas that need to be addressed by the next Federal Government:

  • Provision and funding of infrastructure
  • Improving land release and planning
  • Reducing red tape and regulation
  • Addressing excessive taxation of the housing industry

Unfortunately, despite their importance to households and the economy, housing affordability and supply have been overlooked by the major parties.

While no party has provided a comprehensive plan to address Australia's dwelling shortage and poor housing affordability, several positive policies have been announced. For example, Labor and the Coalition have announced new funding for infrastructure, while the Greens have committed to significant investment in social housing construction. The Coalition also said it will work with State Governments to free up land supply and reduce red and green tape, and Labor has announced a Minister for Cities and a plan to improve suburban jobs and infrastructure.

As part of our campaign activities, UDIA National wrote to the Coalition, the Greens, and the Labor Party, and asked each to provide a formal response to UDIA's policy platform for the benefit of our members. The full responses from each party are linked below.

Coalition Response
Australian Labor Party Response
Australian Greens Response

With the election tomorrow, it is unlikely there will be any more housing related policies released, however the post-election period is likely to provide a new set of opportunities for UDIA to influence policy going forward.

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