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  • Feb

    Population Policy vital to guide economic growth

    There has been strong political support from both Labor and the Country Liberal Party for the growth of our economy in the Northern Territory.  In fact economic growth has been a consistent objective...

  • Dec

    Planning for our Future Growth

    The development industry relies heavily on planning systems that provide clarity and certainty.  This is critically important because land costs, particularly in and close to the CBD, are very high;...

  • Nov

    Deep Green: Activating our Urban Parklands

    All parks are not created equal.  To me, a park without trees is not a park - and nor is a park without people.

  • Oct

    Developing Darwin's Rural Area

    Darwin’s rural area is home to around 21,000 people, or 15 percent of the population of Greater Darwin.  It accommodates people from all walks of life who choose to live “out of town” for a variety...

  • Sep

    CBD apartment oversupply not a major concern

    It is common to hear members of the Darwin community lamenting that there are already too many apartments in the Central Business District.  But while it is certainly true that we currently have an...

  • Aug

    Good planning is not about politics

      Lately some urban planning decisions made by the NT Government have been seen as controversial, with some commentary suggesting outcomes have been politically motivated, or based on favouritism.  

  • Jul
  • Jun

    July Conference to examine Darwin's economic future

    In a recent Business Review article the Urban Development Institute of Australia (NT) argued that the “economic cliff” our local economy is said to face when the Ichthys project construction phase...

  • May

    NT Government Tourism Spend hits the spot

    When the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) occurred in 2008, Australia remained relatively insulated in comparison to other first world countries, because we were riding on the back of a resources boom...

  • May

    Managing Darwin's Growth

    I recently attended the annual Urban Development Institute Congress in Sydney.  As usual, there were plenty of thought-provoking presentations and Australia’s growth, as well as the need for the...