UDIA NT Membership

Any company contributing to the development industry can benefit from UDIA membership. These companies include developers, financiers, lawyers, architects, planners, engineers, project marketers, professional consultants, valuers, government representatives, full time students and many more. The diversity of the development industry has created a complex and changing industry environment. UDIA member development activities include:

Why Join UDIA NT

Members of the UDIA receive a wide range of benefits and services and are well positioned to contribute towards the Institute’s lobbying activity by participating in industry working committees. Membership of the UDIA (NT) represents an unparalleled opportunity to influence the future direction of the urban development industry.

Professional Development

Core membership benefits include professional support and advice on industry issues, access to professional development and industry education, sharing of best practices and meeting with industry peers and contact with key decision-makers within industry and government.

UDIA membership also brings with it access to industry news and exclusive publications, including:

Who can join the UDIA NT

Membership is open to companies, sole traders, consultants and government authorities participating in or servicing the development industry.

Corporate Membership

Corporate members must agree to the UDIA (NT)’s Code of Ethics as a commitment to professional and ethical conduct within their business and for the advancement of the industry.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is only open to company directors, employees or Government staff whose company or employer holds a current UDIA (NT) corporate membership, and to students studying in a full-time development-related discipline. Individual membership recognises industry qualification, industry experience and outstanding contributions to the development industry. Individual members must commit to the UDIA (NT)’s Continuing Professional Development Guidelines aimed at upholding the highest standards of professional excellence in development.

How to join the UDIA

There are several straight-forward steps for applicants to follow:
Complete as much of the form at the “register” link:

Following formal approval of the application by the UDIA (NT) Committee you will be sent an invoice for your joining fee and annual subscription. The subscription is calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remaining portion of the financial year.

Once your membership is processed, you will receive written notification and current publications/advice.

Your nominated company representative/s will receive a complimentary individual membership, and entitlement to use the professional qualification of MDIA.