New Awards Program to lift industry standards

During 2014 UDIA (NT) is introducing a development industry Awards program, which will for the first time enable Northern Territory developers to gain access to the very prestigious “UDIA National Awards for Excellence” program.


The numerous awards for various aspects of private and corporate life in Australia, as well as in the Northern Territory, sometimes lead to a “ho hum – not another award” response.  But development industry awards play a critically important role in elevating standards within the housing industry, and this should be good news for all potential home owners.


The development industry Awards program provides UDIA with the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements being made in the industry, setting new benchmarks in quality every year.  In an ever-changing marketplace, consumers should be very pleased to learn that through UDIA’s Awards program the industry is continually striving to achieve new urban forms, improved architectural designs and better qualities of finish.


Promoting high standards of urban development has been a critically important component of the work of the Institute since first becoming a national body in 1970.  With an expanding population, ageing housing stock and ever-changing demography, there is an ongoing need to provide high quality residential, commercial, retail and industrial property in new and existing centres.


UDIA’s primary role is to determine impediments to the efficient and effective operation of the industry and to overcome those impediments.  Concurrently the industry as a whole strives to deliver outstanding product to consumers; UDIA assists in the achievement of this objective by providing a comprehensive range of member benefits, including education programs, information dissemination and the staging of awards programs at state and national levels.


The 2014 Award categories in the Northern Territory currently open for advice of “intent to enter” reflect the national award categories:


Category 1:     Masterplanned Development


Projects demonstrating a coherent masterplanned design incorporating a range of facilities.


Category 2:     Residential Development


Residential developments which demonstrate excellence in meeting the needs of residents and users.


Category 3:     Medium Density Housing


Typically small to medium scale residential developments to a maximum height of five storeys which are predominantly residential but may also incorporate commercial / retail aspects.



Category 4:     High Density Housing


Projects which include predominantly apartment buildings of a minimum five storeys including low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise apartments with a minimum density of 30 or more dwellings or more per hectare.


Category 5:     Urban Renewal


Projects which demonstrate revitalisation and appropriate use of of land and / or buildings in established urban or inner city areas


Category 6:     Excellence in Environmentally Sustainable Development


Projects which exhibit how research, innovation and design or construction techniques have enabled a significant and outstanding response to a need for conservation and environmental improvement. 


Category 7:     Affordable Development


Projects which demonstrate both initial affordability of the product as well as the incorporation of “whole of life” sustainable elements that provide for affordability in ongoing running costs should:


Category 8:     Seniors Living


Seniors living projects which present high standard of overall design, create a sense of place, and have regard for an energy and water efficient lifestyle.


Depending on the numbers of entrants, our inaugural Awards may include only some of these categories.  To be eligible to be considered for an Award, all entrants must be members of the Urban Development Institute of Australia.


Winners of Northern Territory Awards will be announced at the UDIA (NT) Annual Dinner on Friday October 10th and will be eligible to enter the National Awards program, with winners to be announced during the UDIA National Congress in Sydney during March 2015.


Anyone interested in learning more about the UDIA (NT) Awards program is welcome to contact us at ceo@udiant.com.au